Landing Page

This service is focused on CONVERTING Visitors into Leads, Leads into Opportunities ready to advance in the Sales funnel.

With this resource, they become more mature in their purchase intention while receiving information related to each of the stages:

Learning and Discovery, Recognition of the Problem, Consideration of the Solution and Purchase Decision.

In this way, the seller does not waste his time with approaches to contacts who are not ready yet.


Grow and scale your business

180 USD


Grow and scale your business faster

280 USD

Advanced 280USD/Month Standard 180USD/Month
Custom Design
Management and Infrastructure of eCommerce
Simple and Variable products
Regular Updates
Number of products
Up to 1000
Up to 25
Number of Pages
Backup, Monthly Reports
Setting up Gateway Paymment
Email Business (5 accounts 5GB each one, Android and IOS APP)
Delivery Timeline: 15 days
Hosting VPS, Automatic debit to the credit card
Dedicated account manager, Technical SEO and Speed Optimization

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